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Karla Bird, Pinedale

While I was not born in Wyoming, I got here as fast as I could. I worked for 34 years in public lands management stationed in Rock Springs, Rawlins and Worland, as well as in other western states. My husband (whose family settled in the Upper Green River Valley of Wyoming in the 1800s) and I moved to Pinedale after I retired in 2012. My lifestyle includes travel and recreating outside and I call my Facebook page Karla Bird Adventure Art. My favorite subject to paint is pronghorn, with moose and elk tied for a close second, all in their natural habitat. Since I hunt and hike and fish and camp in Wyoming, there is no shortage of inspiration. Oh, and I love painting landscapes too. Not one to be dedicated to only one medium, I have paintings in oil, acrylic, pastels, and include some quilted wall hangings. As I continue to work and learn and immerse myself in outdoor adventures, I want to begin to add the human figure to this fabulous adventure landscape. Let me know if you are interested in custom work.

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