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Delsa Allen, Pinedale
Reflections of the Winds
Primary medium: photography

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Delsa grew up in the Pinedale area with the Wind River Mountains to the north and the sage brush steep to the South. She founded her photography business shortly out of collage and hasn't stopped striving to share her connection with nature through her images. Delsa has been photographing landscapes and hidden views of nature in western Wyoming as long as she can remember, always finding new and refreshing ways of sharing her experience with nature through her images.

Besides the countless images she has captured, depicting views of nature that are considered tradition landscape photography, Delsa has recently been gaining a reputation for producing stunning contemporary images of everyday landscapes, re-defining what landscape photography can be.

Delsa has showcased her work through regional galleries and exhibits as well as regional street fairs. Her work has also been included in juried exhibits, regionally and nationally.


Delsa enjoys being outdoors, especially with her family (husband and two young boys). When she isn't out and about (with or without her family and/or camera), she stays busy promoting her photography and Wyoming Artists Collective which she founded in 2019. She also operates Glacier 2 Groundwater Environmental Services.


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