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Launched in April, 2020, Wyoming Artists Collective is a virtual online gallery where Wyoming artists can be found along with the works they produce.

Works showcased are available for purchase through the site and are shipped by the artists themselves. 

Wyoming artists work a little different that other artists, they work together.

Growing up in Wyoming, I thought that working together was normal, that supporting each other was just what you did. But, as I become older and my experiences continue to shape my opinions of the world around me, I'm learning that folks in Wyoming tend to be more supportive of one other, less competitive. Maybe it's the wide open spaces and extra elbow room, or the slower pace that everyone (including the wildlife) seems to be set at. I'm not sure what the reason for it is, but I love it! I'm so proud to call this state home! I decided to launch Wyoming Artists Collective for a number of reasons, mainly because I truly believe we have so many amazing artists within the state and I want to help introduce their work to others.

Delsa Allen, Wyoming Artists Collective founder

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