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Breanna Klamm Whitlock, Buffalo
Bre K Studios

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From the rolling plains of Wyoming, Breanna has always been enamored with the natural world. Growing up, she spent every spare day outside hiking, identifying plants, birds, wildlife, rocks, mountain peaks. These moments inspire her to create art and are common elements in her paintings and photography.


Breanna attended Utah State University to study art. While at USU she was able to complete a study abroad in Essen, Germany and was schooled in painting, art history, color theory and drawing. After returning to Utah, she was accepted into the BFA photography program. She was awarded the U.R.C.O. grant and began researching the 19th century color process called gum bichromate printing. Being involved in the Native American Student Council inspired Breanna to create images of Native American Legends. Native American contemporary culture is a theme found throughout her work.


After graduating with a BFA of Photography and minor in Art History, she worked as a commercial brand photographer and editor. Breanna and her husband moved their family back to Wyoming and settled in Buffalo. Her love of the outdoors has magnified as she is able to take her husband and daughter on all the hikes and places, she grew up exploring in the Bighorn Mountains.  


Choosing to work in multiple mediums, Breanna has photographs and for sale and in exhibits in Wyoming and Utah. She is an award winning photographer and her artwork has been shown in the Photographers Forum Magazine. She uses her photographs to create awe inspiring scenes of places she has traveled. Her original pastel paintings are more intimate whimsical pieces that are full of movement, color, and texture. More examples of Breanna’s art can be seen on her website


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