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Jenny Dowd, Alpine

Dowd House Studios

Primary medium: Clay

Jenny Dowd is an artist interested in objects that are collected, the motivation behind collecting and the interaction of these objects. Primarily working in clay, she creates utilitarian pottery for the table, small sculpture and drawings for the wall as well as installations designed for interaction. Sculpture, drawing, and utilitarian pottery are part of Jenny’s quirky conversations where her relentless questions stem from science, daily oddities and observations. Jenny grew up in Kansas where she was inspired by epic road trips, constant reading and creative, inventive parents. After attending Kansas State University where she studied ceramics, she completed an MFA in Ceramics with a minor in Fibers at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Jenny has taught and shown her art across the country, currently she teaches ceramics, drawing, and printmaking classes to all ages at the Art Association of Jackson Hole. She lives in Alpine, WY with her husband, Sam where they co-own the small art and pottery business, Dowd House Studios.

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