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Stephanie Mummert, Pine Haven

Primary medium: oil and cold wax

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Stephanie began painting at the age of 12, trying desperately to follow in her brother's footsteps as an artist. She transitioned from acrylics to oils at a later age, and found her niche in the lazy luster of the medium until she discovered the wonderful world of cold wax. 


"Cold wax helps me loosen up at the easel. I'm not so concerned with details as much as I am with value, color and texture. I can paint in layers, both opaque and transparent, building up and scraping away until the story reveals itself. I refer to it more as sculpting than painting."


Dancing between realism and abstract impressionism, Stephanie likes to paint the varietal landscapes of Wyoming either plein air or in her home studio where she sifts through countless photo references of her beloved home state. 


"I like to paint the complexions of Wyoming, and view her in search of subtle abstract shapes and patterns of color that make her what she is, telling her story whether it be through landscapes, agriculture, or the slow passage of time."


Stephanie is mostly self-taught, researching and learning through books, videos and other artists' works online. Additionally, she has gained painting wisdom from multiple workshops in oils under the instruction of artist Jenny Weurker from Buffalo. She continually tries to better herself as an artist through independent study and a whole lot of trial and error. 


"I will always be an amateur. I never want to reach the point where I know it all, 'cause the fun is in the learning. Once you stop learning, you stop growing. And then you stop living."


Expressions Art Gallery & Framing, Sheridan, WY

SAGE Community Arts, Sheridan, WY

AVA Community Art Center, Gillette, WY


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021: 19th Annual Art Matters Juried Exhibition, AVA Community Art Center, Gillette, WY


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