Stephanie Mummert, Pine Haven

Primary medium: oil and cold wax

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Stephanie found her true artist’s heart in Wyoming where she transplanted from Pennsylvania with her family in 2008. Her passion for painting was fueled by the varietal landscapes of the state, from wide open prairies to pine covered mountains and towering buttes.  She says about her now home state, “There’s a love for Wyoming that many do not understand unless they’ve been here.  It’s beautifully majestic and humble at the same time. It’s hard and raw. It’s wide open and free.  And it reminds me of just how small I really am, and how privileged that God gave me the gift of capturing it on canvas.” 

Stephanie enjoys hiking and hunting with her husband, and their excursions have led her to magnificent places such as Shoshone National Forest, Big Horn Mountains, Sundance Trailhead, etc. where she deposited countless pictures of the Wyoming scenery into her bank of reference photos for paintings. When she is not outside painting en plein air, she is drawing from these memories to create oil paintings with and without cold wax medium. 

Stephanie’s painting style has evolved into a combination of impressionism and abstraction where she focuses on color as opposed to detail. She spreads the paint and cold wax on the canvas with palette knives, squeegees, spatulas and putty knives, adding on layers here and scraping them away there until the painting resembles a tapestry of colors woven into an image. She says of her work, “I paint the complexions of Wyoming, and view her in search of abstract shapes and patterns of color that make her what she is. It is my pleasure, my purpose, and I am truly ‘living the dream’.” 

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