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Robin Sruoginis, Pinedale

Primary medium: mixed media


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I like to call myself a hybrid artist. I am a woman whose interests vary widely and so I work in the mixing of many media and techniques to create something of unique beauty. I was born in Minnesota, married young and devoted myself to raising 5 beautiful children into 5 wonderful people. Along this ever changing and evolving path of experiences, I taught myself and learned from others to create art that comes from me, my little space in the universe that only I can see. Sewing and Tole Painting with my Mother started me on my artistic adventures. Sculpture, crochet and quilting followed. Working with metal, wax, and dying of fabric also worked their way into my repertoire of interest and techniques. Using the colors and textures of nature in the wooden knots, wool, silk, rusty metal, peeling painted boards and combining them with other collectables such as antique linens, doilies, lace, velvet leather and paper are the substance of my creations, Some days I will be sewing, then I’ll get on a cloth sculpting jag and off I go to make a doll which winds up being a fish or tree that has nothing to do with fabric or sewing. It’s made of wood, metal, paper and tile adhesive? It may seem disjointed to some to have no plan at the beginning, but is the way I work best, and is often a lovely surprise at the end. Concepts of mood and expression through the use of texture, color and form are leaving me hungry to explore and learn the plethora of new ideas that extra time is allowing me to pursue. I look forward to the future with anticipation of the wonder and beauty experimenting with the collections and my talents will bring into this world.

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