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Gary Keimig, Dubois

Keimig Gallery of Western Art

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My art is inspired by my background. Born into a pioneer family in Wyoming my whole life has centered around the outdoors. The landscapes, the wildlife and the habitats that support it. Though most of my early career was involved in illustration work I now am fully immersed in Fine Art. I love wild places and that will always be my inspiration. I have always been drawn to the school of Realism and my work pushes in that direction. I do constantly work at achieving good composition and design in my work and I find great joy in pushing the idea of painting nature in a realistic manner. I do some Plein air work and am involved in a number of Quick draw art events that by their very nature are loose and have much more of a contemporary look.

I work in both Oils and a combination of transparent Watercolor and Gouache to achieve the look I do. My Watercolor technique that I have developed has led to a number of workshops and a following by a number of collectors.


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