Artist: Lora Donohue

These earrings are long and gorgeous. When I was done embossing them and wire wrapping the pieces together, I was reminded of our thunder storms in the summer. Beautiful and fierce. I started with bronze metal circles and bars. The pieces were hand embossed with lines and dots. Then they were torched (annealed) and the circles were placed on a dabbing block and struck with the hammer. Then I began my new metal process which takes 2 days to complete. The metal is so individual and I'm never quite sure how the pieces will turn out in the end. I wire wrapped the circles and bars together with Fresh Water Pearls and antiqued brass head pins. The top of the circles are wire wrapped with antiqued brass wire and hand cast metal beads handmade in Mykonos Greece. The posts are Stainless Steel that has been torched to remove the shine from the metal. The posts are hyo-allergenic. The earrings are 2.5 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Thunder Storms in Wyoming earrings

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