Artist: Lora Donohue

This Jasper stone copper cuff bracelet would spice up any casual wear, western wear, vacation wear, casual evening wear, country wear or rustic wedding attire.Art and collectables, wearable art. Materials/Description: I hand cut the copper (the backing) and then hammered the copper until I reached the desired effect. Then I added a black patina. Then the copper was sanded and polished. I added the patterned copper (floral design) then added the patina (black patina, hand cut, hand sanded and polished) then added another layer of a different pattern of brass to the bracelet. The 1 different layer of patterned copper and 1 layer of patterned brass were cold connected to the hammered copper with copper brads. The patterned copper was patinaed to a black then hand sanded and polished to reach desired effect. This allows for the beautiful pattern to be raised and for more contrast. I wire wrapped the Red Jasper to the bracelet with copper wire. The bracelet is stamped with my signature (small dragonfly) on the under side of the piece. Photos in my listings show a representation of what you will receive. Each item is handcrafted, please do expect there to be minor differences from the photos shown. Rest assured, your bracelet will be similarly just as lovely, unique and truly one of a kind. Thank you ever so much for understanding and appreciating the unique handmade nature of each and every piece! The bracelet can be adjusted by placing on your wrist. Let the metal warm up and then either stretch it LIGHTLY to enlarge it or gently squeeze the sides to make it smaller.

This bracelet is small to medium. About 6 and 1/2 inches on the outside. The main part of the bracelet is 1 inch wide. The widest part is 1 and 1/2 inches wide.

Jasper Stone, Multi Media Cuff Bracelet

  • Ships in 1-2 business days, gift boxed. This beauty will be mailed First Class mail USPS.

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